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MS Debate League

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MS Debate League


Varun Mandgi

Varun Mandgi is a rising senior at Richmond, Virginia’s Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School, and he is actively involved in the humanities in his school and the rest of the community. He is the captain of the Maggie Walker Debate Team and the Editor-in-Chief of the School Newspaper. His writing is prominently displayed for an international literary magazine, The Incandescent Review. This year, he has led SPEAK’s partnership with Richmond Debate Institute to start a middle school league. In his free time, Varun loves to read philosophy and explore American political theory and constitutionalism. His musical hobbies include a cappella and playing the baritone saxophone for his school and the VCU High School Jazz Ensemble. He also is the Maggie Walker Wrestling Team Captain and a distinguished pole-vaulter and sprinter for the Outdoor Track Team.

About the course

Over the past couple of months, SPEAK, the Richmond Debate Institute, and the Richmond Forum have partnered diligently to create an unparalleled debating experience for hundreds of middle schoolers by creating the first-ever Richmond Middle School Debate League. Starting October 24th, students will be able to pick their own FREE classes that they would like to attend, offered by our mentorship team full of experienced high school varsity debaters in the community.

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