Leadership Team

Ayush Patel 

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Ayush Patel is a junior at Maggie Walker Governor's School. He helps the technology and funding teams in SPEAK, and is responsible for spreading programs. He participates in Model UN and Debate, and he is excited to help SPEAK move forward to have a strong year. 

Amar Srinivasan 

Co-Founder and Executive Director

Amar Srinivasan is a junior at Maggie L. Walker Governor's School. He works on the curriculum and education areas as well as helps direct workshops in SPEAK. Outside of SPEAK, Amar participates in Model UN, Debate, and TSA. He also likes to play the piano and French horn in his free time. Amar is looking forward to the future of what SPEAK has to offer!

Ronit Jain 

Co-Founder and Executive Director 

Ronit Jain is a junior at Maggie Walker and oversees technology as well as general operations. Outside of SPEAK, Ronit engages in numerous activities such as Model UN to improve his public speaking and diplomatic skills. Additionally, Ronit spends his time practicing the piano and playing varsity tennis for Maggie Walker. In his free time, Ronit often likes to read or swim. He is looking forward to being a part of SPEAK’s best year yet!

Abhay Duggirala

Executive Director

Abhay Duggirala is a Junior at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School. He helps oversee both our outreach and Model United Nations departments. He is excited to continue his time with SPEAK and help make an impact on students across Virginia and even the nation. Outside of SPEAK, Abhay enjoys spending his time studying economics, building his investing portfolio, and competing at MUN conferences. 

Owen Sibal

Director of Finances

Owen Sibal is a junior at Maggie Walker Governor’s School. He handles the finances for the organization. Outside of SPEAK, Owen fences, plays the harp, and is a member of Maggie Walker’s Lincoln-Douglas Debate team. In his free time, he also enjoys reading philosophy and Catholic theology, and he is excited to help SPEAK move forward to have a strong year.

Michael Kish

Director of Model UN

Michael Kish is a junior at Maggie Walker Governor’s school and serves as the Director of the Model UN department. He is part of the tennis team and spends his free time playing guitar and fishing. Michael is excited to help bring Model UN to students and work with SPEAK to develop and expand its reach.

Lorenzo Galang

Director of Education

Lorenzo is a rising junior at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School who enjoys working with kids and teaching.  He helps create lessons and teach workshops for SPEAK’s public speaking classes.  Lorenzo is part of the Maggie Walker swim team, Model Congress club, and ramps club, and is interested in STEM.

Pooja Muthuraj

Director of Education

For Pooja, a rising junior at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School, language has always defined her identity.  Pooja has loved writing and public speaking for as long as she can remember, winning awards and recognition in both pursuits.  She also enjoys learning new languages, singing, dancing, and making punforgivably bad jokes.  Pooja is passionate about SPEAK’s mission and beyond excited to help coordinate more workshops in the future!

Michael Hong

Director of Technology

Michael is a rising junior at Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School. He helps to manage SPEAK's social media accounts and directs the Technology team. Outside of SPEAK, Michael is a member of his school’s Track and Field team and has a profound interest in music production, graphic design and videography.

Varun Mandgi

Director of Debate

Varun Mandgi is a rising senior at Richmond, Virginia’s Maggie L. Walker Governor’s School, and he is actively involved in the humanities in his school and the rest of the community. He is the captain of the Maggie Walker Debate Team and the Editor-in-Chief of the School Newspaper. His writing is prominently displayed for an international literary magazine, The Incandescent Review. This year, he has led SPEAK’s partnership with Richmond Debate Institute to start a middle school league. In his free time, Varun loves to read philosophy and explore American political theory and constitutionalism. His musical hobbies include a cappella and playing the baritone saxophone for his school and the VCU High School Jazz Ensemble. He also is the Maggie Walker Wrestling Team Captain and a distinguished pole-vaulter and sprinter for the Outdoor Track Team. 

Alagappan Sellappan

Director of Advocacy

Alagappan Sellappan is a junior at Henrico High School for the International Baccalaureate Program in Richmond, Virginia. As a huge tech enthusiast, Alagappan is an avid programmer, data scientist/analyst, and publication author, with proven credentials and awards in these areas. In addition, he loves to learn new skills, hang out with friends and family, and help/support his community through various means. Alagappan looks forward to contributing to the overall betterment of SPEAK’s mission and offerings.

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