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Previous Events

We hosted 26 students at an over-the-summer workshop at Maggie L. Walker Governor's School. Students learned delivery, fluidity, preparation, and research skills through exercises and drills.


This was our first elementary school workshop. Our 27 students learned fundamentals of public speaking at Elizabeth Scott Elementary School in Chesterfield, Virginia.

Elizabeth Scott

At Twin Hickory Library in Glen Allen, Virginia, SPEAK worked with 23 middle school students to enhance their interpersonal communication.

Twin Hickory

Our high school workshop at Homestead High School in Fort Wayne, Indiana was our first national workshop. We provided individualized support to each of our students to overcome public speaking fears.

Fort Wayne

This workshop was an elementary and middle school workshop held at Glen Allen Library in Henrico, Virginia. We had 18 returning students, and we helped them improve their public speaking skills from before.

Glen Allen

We taught Short Pump middle school students in-person essential communication and presentation skills.

Short Pump

In this workshop at the Boys and Girls Club of Metro Richmond, we provided innercity youth with personalized lesson plans to boost confidence and interpersonal communication skills.

Metro Richmond

At our Shady Grove elementary school workshop in Henrico Virginia, we partnered with Henrico Education Foundation to host 12 students to learn about life skills after school, especially public speaking.

Shady Grove

SPEAK conducted a virtual workshop in l2020 with over 200 students from the Philippines. Throughout the week, students were taught to be proficient in speaking and speechwriting.


 SPEAK hosted a virtual masterclass on the finer points and applications of public speaking to over 40 students at the SCLP Samaj School. 


In a session hosted in cooperation with Pittsburgh Public Schools, SPEAK provided several classes to over 60 students in the Pittsburgh metro area, creating an interactive and fun experience for new speakers.

Pittsburgh Public Schools

Although the COVID-19 pandemic put an abrupt halt to most of the world’s activities, SPEAK adapted their curriculum and vision by hosting free workshops for over 300 students across the globe. By expanding our class variety to include writing, international languages, and seminars, SPEAK diversified its message and furthered its impact in its community and abroad.

Virtual Sessions
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