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SPEAK is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping improve elementary through highschoolers' presentation abilities. We are based out of Richmond, Virginia and work with many communities in the greater Richmond area to assist students in their public speaking adventures.


Our Mission and Vision 

Mission Statement

We want to inspire and instill young learners with lifelong traits of expressing their values and beliefs, and to become exceptional speakers in their lifetime.


SPEAK will work with its volunteers, contacts, and existing school systems to help bring communication knowledge to the next generation so that...

...our students' success in academia and their profession is augmented through their comfort with written and verbal communication;

...underprivileged students are given important knowledge so that their voices may be heard; and

...communication barriers are steadily broken


Through our intense and fun workshops, we provide all students the ability to improve their public speaking capabilities, from elementary to high school. Our volunteers provide engaging lessons that teach the student about public speaking and guide them through the days activities designed to give the student opportunities to display their capabilities.





Students Enrolled 



I think I have made tremendous improvement in my public speaking in the workshop because I learned better techniques to use (eye contact, voice volume etc.) when I am speaking to an audience or a crowd.

Nilay, Elementary School


On average, students rate our virtual workshops 4.4/5 stars

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Want to Help?

Our volunteers are the people that drive our organization to success with their endless dedication and hard-work. Anyone is welcome to participate in our rewarding volunteering program.


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