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Kane Reinholdtsen; Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Perth, Australia

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Public Speaking


Our most popular class, the public speaking workshops are 4-day interactive workshops which enable proficiency in public speech. The goal of the class is to be able to think and persuade like and entrepreneur.

(Grades 6-8)


Our Spanish language workshops focus on building basic language skills. This program will teach students fundamental skills that will help in future language classes.

(Grades 4-7)

Intro to Essay Writing

Our writing workshops help develop a strong foundation to create a cohesive essay. This class will teach students the proper mechanics of an essay and build a strong base in which students can thrive on.

(Grades K-5)





Students Enrolled 




I think I have made tremendous improvement in my public speaking in the workshop because I learned better techniques to use (eye contact, voice volume etc.) when I am speaking to an audience or a crowd.

Nilay, Elementary School

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