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empowering communication around the world

Kane Reinholdtsen; Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Perth, Australia

Featured Classes 


SPEAK's documentary workshop teaches students how to apply technology and creative writing to videography. Students will learn the basics of video-making, including ideation, scriptwriting, and video editing, and how to utilize that knowledge to enact meaningful change in their local community.

 (Grades 4-8)

Run for President

Are you interested in politics? Do you want to learn about the election cycle? If so, join the Run for President workshop, a simulation in which students will actually compete against other candidates for the Presidency while learning public speaking and debate skills.

(Grades 4-7)


Inspired by the wave of high school entrepreneurship, the SYOC workshop will provide an overview of founding businesses as a student and will conclude with the attendees launching their own company while also learning presentation skills, CAD design, and market analysis.

 (Grades 6-9)





Students Enrolled 




I think I have made tremendous improvement in my public speaking in the workshop because I learned better techniques to use (eye contact, voice volume etc.) when I am speaking to an audience or a crowd.

Nilay, Elementary School

EScott Kids-1.jpg
EScott Kids-1.jpg

Our Partners


SPEAK is working with RDI to launch debate competitions and tournaments all across the Richmond area to promote the art of debate for youth all around the state.

I’m Determined is a VDOE-sponsored organization which provides free education for children with disabilities. SPEAK has been working with them to create a curriculum specially designed to help these students overcome fears of speaking in large crowds and become more confident.


By joining forces with one of the most renowned after school programs in the country, SPEAK and the Boys and Girls Club have partnered to provide free public speaking classes to underprivileged youth throughout the metro Richmond area.


SPEAK is partnered with the Richmond Forum's speech and debate initiative in order to provide more debate and speech classes and programs across the RVA community


SPEAK works with the LAUSD to provide workshops to underprivileged students throughout the greater Los Angeles area. The participants learn about presentational skills which better prepared them for higher level education and self-advocacy.

SPEAK partnered with the PPS to help teach over 60 students from the community about the finer tips of public speaking and how to project confidence while talking in front of large crowds.

SPEAK works with the SCLP Samaj School to provide programs for over 300 students in rural and urban areas around Nairobi, Kenya. Our partnership has provided a long lasting relationship with the area and helped almost 200 students, with the potential to serve hundreds more.

slcp samaj school.png

The organization works with several students to help them overcome their natural apprehension when it comes to public speaking. Throughout the workshops, the students are now able to constantly take initiative and are more willing to speak out in front of larger crowds.

SPEAK conducted a debate program at RCHS to help teach kids about the fundamentals and intricacies of structured debate. This was part of the SPEAK initiative to bring debate programs to every school in Virginia.


Want to Help?

Our volunteers are the people that drive our organization to success with their endless dedication and hard work. Anyone is welcome to participate in our rewarding volunteering program.

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